a Solar-Powered music recording & production studio

How we fit in, & 10 Reasons why you might consider us.

OK. We're NOT the BIGGEST and don't have all the fanciest gear... BUT...

1) We know original. We know creative. We know our gear.

2) We think of the studio as an instrument.

3) We purposely stay unbusy. It's one artist at a time. You can leave your stuff set up.

4) We're not doing this for a living. It's a different vibe: no pressure.

5) Super easy & secure 1 level load in and parking.

6) We have a lot of gear, and you're welcome to try it all.

7) Lots of original instruments and sounds on tap.

8) 12-string guitars! Ukeleles!

9) Natural Light & Air & Trees, Garden, & Forest. You can record outside!

10) Powered by the SUN.