a Solar-Powered music recording & production studio


An extensive collection of antique tube amps, including Mesa-Boogie, Hilgen, Sano, Fender, Silvertone, Hartke & LectroLab. We have a number of speaker cabinets to try, as well as a solid bass guitar setup if needed.


A generous helping of Guild 6 & 12 string acoustics, brass & wood resonators, Fender, Rickenbacker, Epiphone, and custom electric 6 & 12 strings. Plus, some 4, 6, & 8 string ukeleles, a couple of dulcimers, & an autoharp


A nice portion of newer and older Fenders & Rickenbacker, plus acoustic and custom electric uprights


Theremin, elephant bell, analog synths, digital synths, toy piano, gongs, triangles, harpsichord, & you-name-its....

Plus lots o' hand percussion, and a tuned and individually miked Pearl drum set.


Maestro Tape Echoplex, KAOSS pad, and a whole bunch of stompers and digital effects...


We like our Neumann, Blue, Shure, ElectroVoice, and Oktava mikes a whole lot. You will too.

Recording to

Logic Pro X, Mackie Onyx digital and ART tube preamps.